Just a view…

Fischen 2007 Panorama

…into the world of cropcircles led to the idea of offering special products around this phenomenon. So here you are, enthusiast or hard critic, anyhow, you found us and may take the time to look what makes this site different from others.
Well, above all it´s the intention: We have the intention to never harm the eye or esthetic feelings of our visitors or even clients by any means of overwhealming, unsorted information nor shouting "design". We want to keep it clear, silent and above all: enjoyable.

What will I get?

What are you looking for? We have several own products concerning cropcircles, as there are: highrez panoramas, as well for the print-industries as for the room-designers, in our own, Mac-like developed frames, we plan some free stuff for your Mac or PC, and we will offer a selection of documentaries that in our eyes are good quality. We also will collect and sort links to "the good stuff" on the internet. Ah, yes, and there´s our favourite: you can get your own crop from some circles! Another thing we plan is a forum for abducted peaple, where they can share their experiences anonymously and offer any kind of help to each other.

We hope you find some things use- or helpful and enjoy your stay.